Carbonless form construction

Overview: Carbonless forms or NCR forms or Carbon copy forms are the perfect choice for invoices, delivery receipts, bill of lading forms, purchase orders, and sales orders. Wrinting on the front gives you instant duplicate copies because the papers image without carbon on each copy in the set. Use one of our templates or create your own custom carbonless edge glued forms or create your own design in our Design Studio. Choose 20lb carbonless papers for a heavier option than 15lb papers. The thickness of 20lb paper is .004" vs. .003" for 15lb paper. 20lb papers are also laser printer compatible.


Laser Printer compatible

Full color printing options

Sequential numbering

File hole punching

Horizontal or Vertical perforations


1. How does 20LB carbonless paper work? 

Carbon copy printing papers have been treated with chemicals that react when written on.The chemical on the back of the first sheet is different than the chemical on the front of the second sheet, when you write on the first sheet the impression makes the two chemicals react to one another.

2. Do 20lb carbon copy printing papers work in a laser printer?

Yes they do. 20lb. weight carbonless papers and have been treated with a chemical to withstand the heat and make them laser compatible. These forms are not edge glued .

3. Can you print 20LB carbonless forms in a non standard paper sequence?

Yes we can. There is an upcharge depending on the colors chosen.

4. Do you offer a heavier weight Tan 20LB carbonless paper?

Yes we do, we use a 33lb tag , comes in white or manilla.These papers only come coated front meaning the can't be the top sheet of your form or they won't image.

5. Is there an extra charge for changes between parts within a 20lb carbonless form?

Yes,only because we will need additional plates to print the forms. Contact us for a quote. 


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